Samsung TV + HBO GO Workaround

So this happened a while back:

It broke with no solution in sight

What happened was I started the HBO GO app on my Samsung Smart TV and it showed the initial “Activate” screen. I tried repeatedly to re-activate my Samsung Smart TV to use HBO GO and it failed every time.

Samsung to the rescue?

After a few replies from Samsung on Twitter, Samsung finally provided me with a solution: RESET THE SMART HUB TO FACTORY SETTINGS

I don’t know about you, but this is NOT an acceptable solution to me. Yes, it works, but only temporarily and then you must also reset all the settings again to the way you like them.

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Getting AIO Remote for BlackBerry 10 on Mac OS X

After downloading such a great Built for BlackBerry app, AIO Remote, I quickly discovered that the Bluetooth part of the server portion (the app that runs on the Mac) makes the app crash.

After endless searching of the interwebs, I found a few others having similar issues with the same underlying Bluetooth library, which is called bluecove.

Their workaround was to download the IOBluetooth library from a previous version of OSX and reference that instead of the updated Mountain Lion IOBluetooth (which crashes bluecove).

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