Getting AIO Remote for BlackBerry 10 on Mac OS X

After downloading such a great Built for BlackBerry app, AIO Remote, I quickly discovered that the Bluetooth part of the server portion (the app that runs on the Mac) makes the app crash.

After endless searching of the interwebs, I found a few others having similar issues with the same underlying Bluetooth library, which is called bluecove.

Their workaround was to download the IOBluetooth library from a previous version of OSX and reference that instead of the updated Mountain Lion IOBluetooth (which crashes bluecove).


Here is a complete modded version of 3.3.0 server (works with 3.4.2 client):

All the gory details on how I fixed it:

  1. Grabbed the previous version of AIORemote Server portable 3.3.0:
  2. Grabbed the Wiimote Whiteboard modded zip that contained a working copy of IOBluetooth and modified startup script
  3. I COMBINED THEM! I copied the IOBluetooth into the AIOServer folder, and update the startup script to look like this:
DIR=$( cd `$( dirname "$0")` && pwd )
java -jar AioServer3.3.0.jar

on the command line, run the server:


Now you should be able to connect your phone!